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7 Ways a Multifunction Device Makes Your Life Easier and Boosts Office Productivity

A multifunction device (MFD) is a device that performs a variety of functions otherwise carried out by separate devices. An example of this would be a printer that can make copies, faxes and scans.

While these devices were originally designed for households and small businesses, many manufacturers, including Xerox and HP, now offer larger units for mid-sized to larger businesses.

In addition...

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Five Office Supplies You Should Recycle

In the print industry, businesses like Benchmark go through an extensive amount of office supplies each year. Supplies like paper, binders, envelopes, writing utensils, printer supplies, sticky notes, paper clips and more. Because of this, we feel its is important for your business to become more environmentally friendly.

Here are 5 ways you can recycle the unusually recyclable products in...

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3 Reasons Benchmark Is The 'Benchmark' For Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) are a set of services a business provides to other businesses to regulate and optimize daily workflow and office efficiency. When a proper managed print solution is in place, printing costs can be drastically reduced.

Benchmark Business Solutions has offered document-related services for more than 20 years, is the number one Xerox Platinum Partner in Texas and New...

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Benchmark: Your #1 Pick

Benchmark Business Solutions carries award-winning Xerox products because we want to supply our customers with the best in the business.

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This Portable Scanner is Great in a Pinch – Or All the Time!

Ever need to scan or file something on the go? Don’t have time to run to the office? Need to save some space in your home office? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on!

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Paper Handling Equipment to Meet the Toughest Standard - Yours

Are you interested in taking your print collateral to the next level? Benchmark can help you there. We partner with MBM Corporation, the leader in paper handling equipment since 1936. We consistently work to bring you a full range of world-class finishing equipment. Do you need to fold a stack of documents for a mailer? How about trim the edges off of a poster? With MBM products, you can take...

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