Intelligent group of young school children all raising their hands in the air to answer a question posed by the female teacher, view from behind-1On average, teachers spend half of their working time on non-teaching activities. With ConnectKey Technology from Xerox, educators can now get back time spent on some of the unavoidable administrative tasks that come with teaching.

From connecting to learning management systems (LMS), to automated grading and proofing applications, here are just a few of Xerox’s latest ConnectKey apps that, like the teachers using them, are making a difference in the world of education.

Connect for Blackboard

According to an IDC survey, 23% of education faculty and staff in the U.S. consider “course material compilation” to be one of the most inefficient processes in learning environments today. Connect for Blackboard was designed to help speed of the sharing of digital files such as handouts, assignments, and coursework within one of the leading LMS products, BlackBoard.

Users can scan hardcopy pages right at the copier into an organized folder structure. The process is simple. Upon walkup to a device, users simply log in to their BlackBoard Learn account on the device’s touchscreen, and scan or share their documents. This way, important files are never lost and easy to access online.

Connect for Remark® Test Grading

There is no doubt that grading assignments outside of the classroom is one of the biggest time sucks for teachers. In collaboration with Remark Test Grading, a third-party test grading platform by Gravic, Connect for Remark simplifies the grading process with the use of optical character recognition (OCR) and a single page scan.

All that’s needed to get rolling with this app is an active Remark Cloud Account with the Xerox® Connector enabled. Keep in mind, this is not enabled as a default so you may have to contact Gravic ( to activate the feature. Then, upon walkup to a ConnectKey enabled device, teachers can:

  • Automate grading with custom workflows
  • Print bubble tests
  • Scan in answer sheets
  • Grade student tests
  • Share grades with students via email or printed page
  • Create class performance reports

The app streamlines grading with faster results, fewer errors, and accelerates some of the clunkier workflows with a standard Gravic subscription.

Proofreader Service

No matter how many times you proof something, having an extra set of eyes is always a good thing. With Xerox Proofreader Service, users can have their document reviewed for spelling, grammar, and style. The app will even check for plagiarism.

Documents can either be scanned in to the service at the device level, or uploaded to the online Xerox Proofreader Service Portal. Once reviewed, the user receives an email with a PDF report with suggested edits.

Connect for Mobile

This app is the perfect utility for students, teachers, and administrators who utilize Moodle, the free and open-source LMS. Moodle, an acronym for modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment, is widely used in blended learning, distance education, and other e-learning projects in schools, universities, and other workplaces, such as nonprofits.

Similar to the other ConnectKey apps for education, Connect for Moodle provides direct access to Moodle accounts where users can access, print and scan coursework and notes right at the copier.

While many of these apps are designed to boost productivity for educators, many of the apps can also be useful in just about any workplace and are available for a limited trial basis. Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from ConnectKey Technology and streamline complex workflows within your organization.

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