Destroying Confidential Information

Destroyit Shredders sold by Benchmark are a leading solution to keeping your business and customer information secure and confidential. Give yourself peace of mind and invest in a practical, yet high-quality shredder to destroy your most confidential documents

Four Destroyit Shredders machines offered by Benchmark

These shredders come with a high-security option that shreds sensitive documents into unrecognizable scraps and leaves you guilt-free when it comes to making sure passwords, addresses, legal information, and more are not up for grabs.

Destroy-it Details

Long lasting 

Regularly, these shredders provide at least ten years of quality shredding for your business before they need to consider a replacement or upgrade. These durable shredders set the standard high and beat out today's typical market of plastic, low-power shredders. Destroy-it Shredders' quality craftsmanship made with blocks of German grade steel is made for heavy-duty grade shredding and can handle years of high usage.

An Easy Measure to Take

Destroyit is a simple and critical step that gives your organization a security level that is often overlooked. Although we are moving into a digital realm, hard copies and documentation are important to running a business. Having a shredder gives your business another way to protect sensitive information from lurkers or people that may target your business.

Simple and Meaningful Benefits 

A Destroyit shredder allows your business to be more environmentally friendly. It will allow for fewer trips to any dumpster and makes recycling simple by not having to separate it from other waste when taking it to a recycling center, using the shredded pieces as packing material or donating it to animal shelters for bedding.

Choosing the Right Shredder 

Destroyit offers a variety of specifications to suit the needs of your business:

  • Strip-cut shredders are ideal for personal and small office document disposal: they shred more paper at a time, have a faster shredding speed, require lower maintenance, and is less expensive 
  • Cross-cut shredders are best for offices and departments where medium security standards are in practice: provide greater security and reduce shredded bulk (more than strip-cut)
  • High-Security Shredders: Most secure shredders that can shred sensitive documents into dust: super micro-cut, DOD/NSA approved, overheating protection, energy saving more

It is also important to consider what size your business needs the feed opening width to be. Do you need a bigger size than the typical 8.5"x11"? Destroyit Shredders come in various sizes and capabilities up to a 16" feed opening that allows for continuous shredding without watching constantly. Based on the documents' size that you will be shredding, you can choose the appropriate model.

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