5 Cleaning Tips for Cleaning your Copier

Wondering how to clean your copier? Here are some great tips to keep your copier germ-free and running smoothly.

Remove Clutter

Your copier should never be used as a landing pad for office supplies such as staplers, pushpins, or paper clips. These items can easily fall inside of your office equipment and cause major service malfunctions. Make sure you declutter before disinfecting!

Vacuum First

Always do an initial dry vacuuming of your coper before any wet wiping. This will reduce the chance of naughty dust bunnies falling into places they shouldn’t be. It’s also a good idea to vacuum your toner receptacles when you change out your toner too.

Wipe from the Top Down

Liquid and electronics don’t mix, so always use extreme caution when disinfecting your coper. Never spray cleaner directly on it and wipe from the top down. If you use disinfecting wipes, be sure they are not dripping with cleaner. A tiny but of alcohol on a cloth is also a safe way to sanitize keypads.

Clean the Glass

Just like you would clean a pair of eyeglasses, clean your glass platen with extreme care using a damp, soft cloth. While you are at it, inspect the lid of the coper and all its components and carefully wipe any areas that may have gotten dirty during a paper feed.

Be Kind to Your Paper

Copier paper should be stored in a cool, dry place, protected from dust and wrinkling. Store your paper flat, or in large bins, so pages don’t curl. Aldo, train your employees how to load paper into your machine too. Small imperfections on even a single page in a ream can cause unwanted paper jams in your device.



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