Raise your Phone System Standards

Raise Your Phone System Standards

Picture this: dropped phone calls, limited connection, spotty service, the list can go on. Overall, unreliable phone systems are likely at the top of the "most annoying things that happen in the office" list, but Benchmark's partnership with Visual Edge Technology provides the best phone service and features possible so that your office can stay connected with...

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Reduce Printing Costs by as Much as 90% With HP Pagewide ColorSave

HP's ColorSave Pagewide Technology 

In a world that looks at color in high regard when it comes to standard handouts, high-stake meeting print jobs and everything in between, it is sad to say that color ink can reach prices that are not always attainable. We are happy to offer HP's new ColorSave technology for pagewide printers that introduces capabilities that allow for the aesthetics of...

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Managed Print Services

A Well-Rounded Printing Experience: Managed Print Services

One of the most important tasks that come with operating state-of-the-art printers and copiers is being able to manage costs per print and therefore knowing how to reduce expenses when it comes to supplies and maintenance. 

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Help With Audit Issues: PrintAnyWay

Help With Audit Issues: PrintAnyWay

Benchmark understands that as your business develops and grows, it requires more advanced printing technology. It can be difficult to manage your resources and costs. PrintAnyWay, powered by JustTech, gives you and your business a simple, yet effective, solution to your print management needs. 

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Go Beyond CMYK With Precious Metals

It's 2021. Time to Up Your Game With Precious Metal & Metallic Inks

Go beyond CMYK by implementing metal and metallic inks that give your print jobs and marketing materials a unique and outstanding touch. Specialty inks are an exciting digital print enhancement opportunity because recent developments have expanded the range of cost, quality, turnaround variable printing options print providers...

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How's your Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation?: Xerox Proofreader App

New Year's Resolutions? Focus on Productivity With Help From the Xerox Proofreader App

Odds are you are spending far too much time obsessing over the grammar, spelling, and punctuation of your documents when you could be spending more time teaching, learning or working on other projects. Xerox's Proofreader App is a helpful resource that saves you time and stress by letting you know of...

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Covid Relief Program: Finances

Benchmark Makes it Possible: Financial Relief

With the current state of the world and the grueling effects of Coronavirus, Benchmark recognizes that you and your business might be second-guessing entering another financial responsibility even if it means sacrificing a need for your company. We also recognize that your business would benefit greatly if that need were fulfilled with the...

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ENX Magazine Elite Dealer 2020

Benchmark Selected as a 2020 ENX Magazine Elite Dealer 

Toluca Lake, CA (Nov. 1, 2020)— ENX Magazine announced that Benchmark Business Solutions was among the nation’s top office technology dealerships chosen this year as a 2020 Elite Dealer

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The Stakes of Cybersecurity During a Pandemic


The Cybersecurity Stakes During a Pandemic

It's no secret that the world's current state has taken all sectors of businesses by surprise and forced everyone to transition into the online realm.  As everyone dives into the Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams world, it is important to the Benchmark team that organizations realize that increased online presence means your cybersecurity is put...
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How Can I Protect My Business? Destroying Confidential Information

Destroying Confidential Information

Destroyit Shredders sold by Benchmark are a leading solution to keeping your business and customer information secure and confidential. Give yourself peace of mind and invest in a practical, yet high-quality shredder to destroy your most confidential documents

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