11 Things About Copier Security You Didn't Know

11 Things About Copier Security You Didn't Know

Your copier can be hacked. 

Anything connected to a network can be hacked. 

By anything, I mean anything – hackers have penetrated and hacked data through Internet-connected Teddy Bears. 

Teddy. Bears. 

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What's the Best Copier – or Printer – for My Office?

The best. Number 1. The finest. Perfect. Numero uno. 

Or, for the Tina Turner fans: “You're simply the best, better than all the rest.” 

All of us want the best for ourselves. Many Google searches start with “the best [insert what you're looking for here]”.

The question you often forget to ask when you're looking for the “best” of anything is this: is this the best thing for your needs? 

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Transform Your Office – Use Your Copier to Get Rid of Paper

“Transformation” or “digital transformation” is a word and phrase you hear a lot in the IT industry. IT journalists are always looking for something new to write about – and IT providers seem to like to use the word because it sounds impressive.

It's easy to become turned off to the spin as over-hyped or not relevant for smaller businesses. You shouldn't.

Transformation isn't just limited to...

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The Top 4 Business Benefits of Managed Print Services

You've contracted out work that can be done out of office, invested in fuel-efficient vehicles, switched over to energy efficient light bulbs, and convinced the whole office a compost garden in the back is a good idea. You've done everything in your power to cut costs…or have you? If you have yet to switch to managed print services (MPS), there is more you can still do. 

The average cost to...

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We Sold the First Xerox Iridesse in the Country!

What’s the Xerox Iridesse, you ask? Our short answer – pure awesomeness. Long answer. It’s the first production press to produce low gloss, smooth gradients, metallic and iridescent options without the use of foils and with only one pass. Released for sale in the U.S. only two short months ago, Benchmark Business Solutions Account Representative Mike Peterson sold the first Iridesse Production...

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Managed Print Services and the Mythical Paperless Office

Remember when personal computers were a revelation and experts were predicting that we'd be living in a "paperless society" by the dawn of the 21st century? Well, here we are, almost 20 years into the new millennium, and a paperless society still feels as fanciful as personal jet packs and time-traveling DeLoreans.

In fact, as much as 15% of a business' annual budget may be consumed by feeding...

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Industry Expert Rich Cardillo Joins Benchmark Business Solutions

Benchmark Business Solutions announced today the addition of Rich Cardillo as Chief Sales Officer during the company’s quarterly staff meeting.

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8 Simple Tips to Keep Your Copier Up and Running

We've yet to meet anyone who likes it when the copier starts winking at them. 

And it's not flirting with you either.

Something's wrong. 

There you are at the copier, ready to pick up your document or make a few copies and then some random error code starts blinking at you on the display.

If you're lucky, it's a simple paper jam or the machine needs some more paper. Those are easy fixes. 


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Your Xerox Copier – There's an App for That?

Remember the Apple commercials with their “There's an app for that” tagline?

Apps aren't just about Angry Birds, crushing candy, or blowing up your enemies with Arnold Schwartzenegger. There are apps for meditation, exercise, scheduling, general productivity, and your copier.

That's right – apps for your copier extend the productivity benefits these office workhorses can do for you. 

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11 Print Rules You Can Use to Cut Document Costs and Waste – It's Easy!

Did you know studies estimate half of all print jobs are thrown away?

Not just thrown away, but thrown away unused.

As a business owner or office manager, that is literally the equivalent of taking a few dollars out of your pocket every day and throwing them in the trash. The more documents you print, the larger the wads of cash you're tossing away.

There is a relatively easy and simple way to...

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