Healthcare industry - meet Xerox ConnectKey - your new best friend.The name Xerox® has long been synonymous with superior print quality. Now, thanks to ConnectKey®, Xerox® users in the healthcare industry are getting the best of both worlds -- great prints and a user-friendly app in a tablet-like interface, all on their multifunctional printer (MFP).

Due to the rise in electronic health records (EHR) adoption, paper-based processes are increasingly going digital. In the U.S. specifically, providers are subject to numerous regulations spanning privacy, records access, and compliance regulations from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Failure to comply with HIPAA, even unknowingly, can result in criminal charges and fines ranging from $1,000 to $100,000. Because of the risk, it is paramount for healthcare providers who transmit claims electronically and Medicare prescription drug sponsors alike to be mindful of the risks.

Xerox® is helping providers solve these challenges with the Kno2 Connected™ Xerox® Healthcare Multifunction Printer (MFP) Solution where patient information can be shared in the Cloud with the push of a “share patient information” button.

Xerox Healthcare Apps

Instead of printing a record from the EHR system, faxing it to another provider, who then scans it back into their system, information can be shared to a cloud network of vetted physicians and specialists via the Direct technical standard with the press of a button.

The solution, which essentially serves as a bridge from the provider’s MFP to EHR systems, is made up of a Xerox MFP, the Xerox® Share Patient Information App, and the Kno2 connection.

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Features and Benefits

Centralized Information

Send and receive patient care communications from a single source, without the need for fax, messaging platforms, or patient portals.

Greater Mobility

Coordinate patient records securely from your Xerox MFP, a computer, mobile device, or EMR.

Information On Demand

Search records from other providers and retrieve patient information when you need it without having to wait on a person to release it.

Care Collaboration

Improve patient care documentation with the electronic sharing of referrals, care plans and records transfers.

Route Patient Information

Eliminate time-consuming faxing and manual filing processes to deliver patient information to and from patient charts.

Save Time

Sort and select only the pages you need, not all the pages you receive.

Minimize Risk

Protect patient’s health information with secure document transmissions.

Not only is the Healthcare Solution timesaving, but it greatly reduces human error, improves the overall patient experience, and reduces operating expenses over time. Many small to mid-sized practices, hoping to keep up with EHR regulations, are doing away with their traditional fax workflows for this solution.

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