The product launch this week was the biggest in Benchmark’s history as a partner with Xerox, and today we’re excited to introduce our customers to their new workplace assistant. Since the launch of smartphones a decade ago, the ways in which we accomplish everyday tasks have never been the same. Just like the smartphone improved their industry, the new Xerox ConnectKey devices are about to do the same for the world of print. With the modern workplace demanding a new level of productivity and efficiency, your Xerox device should be able to provide just that. Benchmark, one of Xerox’s largest partners, is proud to be a distributor of the 29 new ConnectKey devices serving as your office’s personal assistant, helping you stay connected more seamlessly.

“Technology is driving a massive transformation in the workplace,” said Jeff Jacobson, chief executive officer of Xerox. “As a result everything is connected, automation is necessary and personalization is expected.”

Modernize and Customize your Print Experience


The new devices come equipped with tablet-like screens and applications which allow you to do everything from translations, to ordering supplies and service directly from your machine. Users also get the option to customize their interfaces to align more closely with their everyday needs. This function allows you to filter out the applications you don’t use very often, while bringing your most important utilities front and center on your homepage. Not only can users send documents directly from their mobile phones to their Xerox printers, but the new software also allows you to access documents from a number of cloud based services including Dropbox, Office 365, and Google Drive right on your machine. These new features will help make your new Xerox machine the very best personal assistant for your office.

New Technology, Delivered Safe and Sound

As technology continues to advance, we know the safety of your information remains a primary concern. With the new ConnectKey technology, your information has never been more secure. Devices come with exceptional security features such as password protection for devices and encryption of your information so no one can access it without your approval. Through the ConnectKey software, all attempts to access your machine will be documented in an effort to help you monitor the use of your printers. Through partnerships with some of the world’s top security companies, Benchmark’s Xerox machines offer the top standards in terms of ensuring your laser printers are always safe and secure.

A Printer for Every Office Size

If you’re looking for a personal assistant for your office, look no further. Benchmark provides office technology for companies and organizations of all sizes. With this in mind, we realize the “one size fits all” mantra just isn’t relevant to workspaces. Because the printing needs of a company with just a few employees is vastly different from a company with a workforce of hundreds, we want to assure you get the printer that best suits your workspace. The new line of printers has been broken into two categories, the Xerox VersaLink series caters to smaller work environments while the Xerox AltaLink is perfect for larger companies with high usage demands. Despite the differences in the machines, each comes with a user-friendly interface, seamless connectivity, and top-notch safety features backed by the unduplicated service that Benchmark provides.

“Xerox ConnectKey is another milestone in our quest to build the most productive workplace.” said Tracey Koziol, Senior Vice President, Office Solutions Business Group of Xerox.


When and how can you your new Xerox ConnectKey printers?

Benchmark will begin offering the new Xerox AltaLink and Xerox VersaLink machines to customers in the second quarter of this year. For more information on the devices and how your business can benefit from the new devices and their features, please contact your Benchmark Sales Representative.

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