On this day in 1994, we opened our doors for business.

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Twenty-five years later, Benchmark has grown to more than 80 employees covering 12 locations, while serving over 2,000 customers across the Southwestern United States.

We’re excited to celebrate Benchmark’s 25th year in business with the communities we serve. We are grateful for all of our customers who have been so loyal to Benchmark over the years. We look forward to Benchmark's exciting future with the upcoming launch of Managed I.T. Services, and the opportunity to expand and serve more customers in the Southwestern U.S.

Benchmark's Story


From the moment Benchmark opened its doors for business, the company has remained persistent in providing unduplicated service to its customers. As the operation grew larger, so did the ability to reach into new markets across the state. As of today, Benchmark now spans across more than 100 counties in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

True to one of Benchmark’s seven principles – marketshare growth – the company has made a steadfast effort to grow its image by expanding into new territories.

Service area expansion began in 1999 with the acquisition of multiple counties in West Texas, and has continued through today with the newest offices opening in Graham and Burnet, Texas, in early 2017. During this time, the company has grown from a total of seven employees to more than 80 today.

In 2013, the company changed hands when President Jeff Horn joined the Benchmark family which ignited a new spark within the organization.

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New Business Lines

With continuous development, the need for new business lines was apparent. In 2000, Benchmark added an in-house service department which today boasts an astounding combined 232 years of experience.

In 2009, Benchmark instated a managed print services (MPS) program, which provides automated supply deliveries and all-inclusive service and repair.

In 2014, Benchmark was honored to be the recipient of Xerox’s Outstanding Managed Print Services Execution and Performance Award.

In 2017, Xerox named Benchmark one of only three Master Elite-accredited companies through Xerox’s new MPS Accreditation Program.

In 2017, Benchmark joined a family of office and IT solutions companies called Visual Edge Technology.

Over the course of 2018, Benchmark achieved 22% growth and was awarded the Xerox Top Growth Award for 2018 across all Xerox agencies nationwide.

Benchmark was also recognized as an Elite Dealer of 2018 by ENX Magazine.


From the very humble beginnings of this company, founder Dan Pope, who now serves as mayor of Lubbock, wanted Benchmark to be the top document-related solution provider in the region.

Under the leadership of Jeff Horn, the Benchmark family continues to work hard to provide the best service for its customers which has helped Benchmark earn its title as the #1 Xerox Partner in the United States six times over the last seven years.

In addition to being the top Xerox partner, Benchmark is a three-time recipient of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Blue Ribbon Award, which is awarded based on a number of merits including strategy, employee development, community involvement, and customer service.

In a constantly changing technological environment, Benchmark has been recognized on several occasions as an innovator and leader in the industry for advancing mobile print solutions for customers. These honors serve as a reminder of the diligent work by every member of the growing Benchmark team.

Benchmark has been recognized on several occasions as an innovator and leader in the copier industry.


Community and family values are important to Benchmark, and the company participates annually in a wide range of community-oriented events from fundraisers to sponsorships aimed at strengthening the cities served.

Ten percent of profits are invested into the communities served through more than 100 sponsorships and non-profit contributions. In addition, more than 75 percent of Benchmark’s staff volunteer for at least one charity or organization in their community. Benchmark believes it is only as strong as the communities it serves.

To thank its loyal customers, Benchmark also hosts customer appreciation events throughout the year, including an annual tailgating event prior to a Texas Tech football game.

Company Culture

A small business with a large heart, Benchmark has an authentic family atmosphere not many companies maintain. Each year several events are hosted to serve as opportunities for the team to connect with one another.

Annual kickoff meetings are held to allow staff from each territory to come together for training and to discuss strategic plans and goals. These meetings also allow these employees to socialize and network with other staff members they may not get the chance to interact with daily.

Benchmark also hosts both an annual employee appreciation weekend and company Christmas party to celebrate the hard work of the team and successes throughout the year. With more than 80 employees spread across 12 locations, these events are vital to maintaining the company’s culture.

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