Benchmark Makes it Possible: Financial Relief

With the current state of the world and the grueling effects of Coronavirus, Benchmark recognizes that you and your business might be second-guessing entering another financial responsibility even if it means sacrificing a need for your company. We also recognize that your business would benefit greatly if that need were fulfilled with the necessary technology.


Unduplicated Service

We are IT hardware sourcing experts and have numerous programs to help you gain access to the technology your business needs. Our region helps companies all over the state procure more than 50 million dollars of IT hardware every year, and we hope to continue that momentum for customers no matter what it takes. 

Aside from the countless negative effects that the pandemic has had on businesses, it has resulted in connectivity and online interaction like never before. Companies worldwide have had to reshape the way they conduct business to stay on top of the spike in digitization that came with efforts like working from home and online video consultations. Benchmark offers tools ranging from hardware that accelerates productivity, such as multifunction printers to Managed I.T Services that ensure your network information stays secure even in heightened activity. 


Benchmark Makes it Possible

Benchmark has done what is expected and necessary: adapt and fulfill the needs of customers.
Once you have decided to partner with either Xerox or HP, the top two manufacturers in the country proudly offered by Benchmark, the question becomes – What is the most effective way to procure the technology?
When you reach a decision point and know what machines or services you need, our aim is to ensure that your business receives all the necessary equipment for maximum production and efficiency as stress-free as possible.

We bundle all your needs together on a single invoice that allows you easy access to asset management and maintenance into a single, easy to manage solution. We understand that cash is king now more than ever, and we are pleased to offer you an innovative strategy on how to preserve cash and facilitate the transition into new technology to meet your needs and become more productive. Our COVID-19 Relief Package allows you to finance 100% of the solution, including installation, with no money down. Upon delivery and installation of the equipment, there will be no lease payment for 90 days. You are only required to pay the maintenance cost for what you use. Save your cash for other areas of your business!

Keep your business moving forward