Cut the Fax Line & Cut your Expenses

A tale as old as time-- fax line expenses and difficulties with inaccuracies. We all know that fax lines can be far from a fairytale story, but Benchmark aims to be your business' fairy godmother of office machines. 

Xerox offers virtual faxing solutions such as the CloudFax Connector App that uses the internet and cloud-based technology. These state-of-the-art electronic aspects not only lower costs by allowing unlimited connectivity from one Multifunction Printer, but they also eliminate the need for installation, configuration and maintenance of a typical fax machine. 

Benchmark will work to meet your fax line needs while taking accuracy and efficiency into account. Take a look at this demonstration of a Xerox machine (WorkCentre 6515) that has the capability to print and scan from any cloud-enabled device...


The App that Gets it Done

The CloudFax Connector Application was developed by Just Tech, a leading provider of app solutions for Xerox multifunction printers. This app will give your business a user-friendly experience of turning hard copies into PDFs emailed to a specified recipient(s). Before this app, typical virtual fax services would require a multi-step process of scanning, uploading, preparing, etc. The CloudFax app makes the process quick and painless by incorporating everything you need into the app rather than transferring a document from device to device.  

Why Your Business Would Benefit from Electronic Fax Services

  • Streamlined performance between devices through the Cloud
  • Increased Security: Electronic faxes are received as PDF documents in the recipient's email rather than sitting in a fax machine output and ending up in the wrong hands. 
  • Cut expenses and time used on installation, maintenance and upgrades of a fax machine.
  • Electronic Fax eliminates the need for a dedicated analog fax line and long-distance fees, which can generally run $35 or more per month to a phone company. 
  • Most customers can cut their fax costs by 65% by using electronic fax services.
  • The App interface allows you to double-check and make any edits to the document before it sends.

Take advantage of resources offered by Benchmark that will help your office take a step toward innovation.