It's 2021. Time to Up Your Game With Precious Metal & Metallic Inks

Go beyond CMYK by implementing metal and metallic inks that give your print jobs and marketing materials a unique and outstanding touch. Specialty inks are an exciting digital print enhancement opportunity because recent developments have expanded the range of cost, quality, turnaround variable printing options print providers can offer. 


Eye-Catching Benefits

  • Digital CMYK offers the lowest cost option, with fast turnarounds and variable printing capabilities using a CMYK mix to represent the metallic color, but without sparkle and shine.
  • Traditional foil stamping delivers the most lustrous shine print affords and the industry’s top flop index—a measure of the reflectivity that enables sparkle and shine. However, this method is the most expensive metallic solution, doesn’t permit variable printing and requires longer lead times for its time-consuming, labor-intensive processes.
  • Digital metallic dry inks balance traditional and digital approaches' strengths to deliver what many find to be the best value. These recently developed inks incorporate flecks of metal to deliver outstanding image quality with a true metallic appearance. In addition, they offer affordable costs and the benefits of digital printing, including fast turns, low-cost short runs and variable information printing.


Sparkle & Shine for Your Audience

Xerox® Specialty Dry Inks — including Metallic, White, and Clear — help you outshine your competition by adding incredible value to your digital prints. It's easier than ever to create stunning, premium effects that deliver impactful results with Clear Dry Ink. The Specialty Dry Inks let you migrate more jobs to digital, creating silver and gold metallic effects with images, artwork, logos, text, seals, and personalized communications. 

Expand Your Pallet; Become more Noticeable

Print jobs such as posters, flyers and other marketing material have the potential to impact audiences-- but only if they notice and are intrigued by your materials. Implementing metals and metallics is a surefire way to get people to gravitate towards your work and be interested in your event or offerings. 

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