New Year's Resolutions? Focus on Productivity With Help From the Xerox Proofreader App

Odds are you are spending far too much time obsessing over the grammar, spelling, and punctuation of your documents when you could be spending more time teaching, learning or working on other projects. Xerox's Proofreader App is a helpful resource that saves you time and stress by letting you know of mistakes and inaccuracies within seconds rather than spending hours correcting and marking papers. 


Content, Not Corrections

Teachers and students alike can save time and get more accurate results when working with both hardcopy and electronic formats. Scan your documents directly from the device, or upload to the Xerox Proofreader Service Portal.

The Proofreader App will save time when grading essays/reports by making technical corrections for you so that you can focus on the content of the papers. 


Xerox Proofreader Service gives users instant access to a powerful tool that checks for spelling, grammar, style, and plagiarism right from the MFP. A report with suggested corrections can be printed and/or emailed to the user, all right from the device. This app is Ideal for teachers, students, and communication professionals in every industry. For documents scanned in at the MFP or submitted via the portal, reports will be available in PDF Format. Text can also be entered directly into the portal's writer tool, checked, and exported as Word or PDF documents.

The Process

1. Scan: Select grammar and plagiarism options and scan the documents. The options of corrections that you can choose from include:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Style
  • Plagiarism 

2. Proof: Submit the documents to the Proofreader service within your Multifunction Printer

3. Collect: Receive and email with the PDF report detailing the suggested edits and corrections. 

Give time back to your days by letting the Xerox Proofreader App take care of your grammar, spelling and punctuation needs! 

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