Choosing Between Insourcing or Outsourcing

Ensure the productivity of your business with Benchmark's platinum partnerships with Xerox and HP. Benchmarks Sales Representative, Kaytlin Collins, tells us more about how a well-rounded printer will allow you to be more independent as a business. Find out what services will save your resources and when it may be best to outsource.  



Why would you insource something you are currently outsourcing?

Kaytlin describes some of the biggest benefits that come with relying on your own printer when it comes to materials such as proposals, marketing flyers, business cards and more: 

  • 1. Reduced Cost: Printing materials in-house will avoid middleman charges that can result in exponential loss over time. 
  • 2. The turn around time is much faster: Outsourcing more than likely requires a lot of preplanning and making sure that the orders are sent in up to two weeks prior to needed them. Depending on the job size and requirements, you might be able to go from start to finish on a job in one day. 
  • 3. More security over your work: HP and Xerox have implemented data security and theft prevention measures that give you peace of mind. These machines ensure that your job will not be stolen or tampered with, giving you the ability to put your focus on more pressing matters going on within your business. 
  • 4. More creative influence on print jobs: Doing things within the company allows for control over the details of the print job without having to communicate to an outsourced party exactly what you want. 

Can your machine do more than you're aware?

Gone are the days when all printers did was--well, print. The technology of office machines has come so far that it is no longer necessary to make a big deal out of finding somewhere to print complicated jobs. 

Machines sold by Benchmark Business Solutions can make booklets, fold tri-folds for you, scan and send documents, and many more actions that used to require long methods of completing. Our light productions machines have a clear, silver, gold, and neon overlays that make images look almost 3D and give them an edge that makes them look that much more professional. 

The app gallery on the machines provides a simple user-experience that gives your business hassle free access to scanning, printing, copying and more with reliable multi-function printers. 

What if it's costing you more to insource than it would to outsource?

When comparing cost benefits, it is also important to consider the time and resources it can take to get a job done. 

Although a printer is capable of easing the process, sometimes it is more cost effective and faster to avoid trial and error on detailed or complicated tasks. Look into finding a print shop that your company can rely on when it comes to the details of a project. Doing so will alleviate the cost of wasted resources from trying to do it in-house and provide business to another local business.