What Do I Need to Consider When Purchasing a New Printer?

Do you use your multi-function printer to its greatest capacity?-- Odds are the answer is no. Knowing the specifications of a piece of equipment before committing to it will allow you to take full advantage of your Benchmark purchase.

Machine specifications refer to a detailed description of the equipment and its capabilities. Configuring the specs of a printer can help your company or business choose the perfect machine(s) that will meet your specific needs when it comes to printing materials. 

How Do I Determine My Printer's Specifications?

Configuring your machine according to your business's needs will yield beautiful print jobs for the right price. Jay Curtis, one of our Benchmark sales representatives, sat down to answer the question regarding how to know the details of a printer:

  • What is the primary use of this printer? 
  • How are your company’s documents stored? 
  • Did you consider the speed of the printer’s scanner? 
  • Will you be using the printer for marketing material?

Use of the Printer-- Can Your Scanner Handle the Projects?

One of Benchmark’s goals is to give our clients unduplicated service by getting to know the people who will be using the printer. Determining the speed of a machine depends on its primary use and how many people will be using it.

It is also essential to consider the speed of the scanner in your printer; this can affect which printer may be right for you and your business. If you are looking for a printer that can perform quickly with many copies, you may consider a faster scanner to help efficiently. 

How Are Your Documents Stored?

Jay also covers the idea that your printer’s storage depends highly on how you store documents. There are a few resources available, Office365 or Google Drive, that free you from the hassle of having documents in too many different places

Both Office365 and Google Drive offer various features that will help organize your company’s documents, such as email, spreadsheet, presentation, and word processing. Benchmark recognizes that different businesses may prefer one over the other--which is why we have partnerships and abilities to work with both.

Will You be Printing Marketing Materials?

Marketing materials play a crucial role in how a company makes its first impression. Benchmark makes sure to consider this when helping you choose a machine that will best suit your needs.

As a company, we use Dots Per Image to determine how high the quality of a print job should be— the higher the DPI, the higher the quality.

If your print jobs are customer-facing documents, a higher DPI is necessary. 

Based on these recommendations, we may recommend a desktop printer, console, or a production machine. We make sure to cover these four main subjects when speaking to our clients to make sure the printer they get will provide maximum performance that will meet their needs.

Ready to begin the journey? Contact us so an expert can help match you with the best printer for your business:

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