Raise Your Phone System Standards

Picture this: dropped phone calls, limited connection, spotty service, the list can go on. Overall, unreliable phone systems are likely at the top of the "most annoying things that happen in the office" list, but Benchmark's partnership with Visual Edge Technology provides the best phone service and features possible so that your office can stay connected with employees and keep reliable contact with customers.


Are you Paying More for Less? 

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services completes calls over the internet instead of using traditional phone circuits. Benchmark and VET can assess your current situation and provide suggestions on how to improve and give your office a cost-effective system that will contain a greater range of features. 

It's Portable

Recent updates allow users to download the VoIP app on any smartphone device that gives access to everything from call history to voicemails. It is now even possible to make phone calls from the application. Being able to stay connected in virtually any location gives way for more convenient business opportunities and seamless connection. 

It's Personal

improve your workflow by customizing the features of your VoIP phone. Settings such as programming buttons to your liking, access to do not disturb, hot desk settings that allow you to switch between users temporarily, and many more options. Benchmark and VET offer your office and employees the ability to personalize your phone experience to best suit your workflow needs. 

It's Protected

There is no way to tell the future and know who can put your business at risk, and having access to your phone system at any place, can eliminate the possibility of unwanted users. VoIP gives you control by allowing managers to add and remove users from the account quickly. Managing telecom costs and changing needs is no longer a customer service hassle, rather a simple click-of-a-button action. 


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