HP's ColorSave Pagewide Technology 

In a world that looks at color in high regard when it comes to standard handouts, high-stake meeting print jobs and everything in between, it is sad to say that color ink can reach prices that are not always attainable. We are happy to offer HP's new ColorSave technology for pagewide printers that introduces capabilities that allow for the aesthetics of color jobs at a more affordable price point-- no more color printing fears!

Image examples of the Mono Laser, ColorSave and Professional color printing and copying options offered by HP and Benchmark

HP printers offered by BenchmarkDo More for Less!

Whether it is for educational, company-wide or simple personal use, ColorSave gives print jobs a slight edge that makes them easier to look at and understand than standard monochromatic print jobs. Although you are probably wondering why we are encouraging you to spend more money on color ink, the truth is that ColorSave is as accessible and similar in price point to black and white printing. Although it will not replace the handouts and information given at high-stake external meetings, it will provide an amazing alternative for internal meetings with things like pie charts and documents with sections that are difficult to distinguish. It can make the difference in getting your selling point across to colleagues and also saves full color ink jobs by allow you to print partial color proofs beforehand.

ColorSave Details

  • Everyday printing no longer has to be monochrome
  • With HP ColorSave, you can reduce your color printing and copying costs by as much as 90%
  • ColorSave options not only reduce ink usage, but also offer a better experience to meeting and school hand outs
  • ColorSave can be easily turned off for those high stakes print jobs like final presentations.

Print Qualities available on the Pagewide Devices 

  • Presentation color is excellent quality full color output at around 6 cents per print
  • General office color is really good quality full color output but not as good as Presentation color at a reduced rate of 4 cents per print
  • ColorSave prints offer washed out color excellent for internal reports, pie charts, graphs, etc. at a super low color cost of 2 cents per print
  • Accent color prints are pages with very minimal color such as a small color logo or an email with a blue line that can be printed for the same cost as black which is 1 cent each
  • Black is high quality black printing at a very good price of 1 cent per print
HP Pagewide Professional Color Sample PrintHP Pagewide General Office Color Sample PrintHP Pagewide ColorSave Color Sample PrintHP Pagewide Accent Color Sample PrintHP Pagewide Black Sample Print
There are two type of organizations in the world today:  Those who have Pagewide ColorSave and those who have not yet heard about it. Contact Benchmark to start you ColorSave journey!


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