Step Up Your Fiery Game

Digital print solutions take on an important role of increasing office productivity. EFI Fiery is a printing software offered by Visual Edge Technology and works to reimagine your workflow through impressive color and imaging, productivity, management of your devices, and seamless connection.

The Fiery Foundation


Above all else, Fiery is determined to provide a positive interaction and simple use of the machines that allow businesses (YOU!) to get the job done!


Fiery is equipped to keep up with a demanding environment with high uptime requirements.


The functional abilities within a Fiery device are able to grow and change alongside your business and its needs. Anything from small digital copiers to industrial needs can be covered by a Fiery device without having to find a new system provider or user-interface.


Fiery can seamlessly connect and interact with the software that your business or printshop uses. Compatibility is key so there are periodic updates that are made available to Fiery users in order to keep up with the constant changes that are made on Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe products (just to name a few).


Being up to date with security updates and requirements plays a key role in today’s technology advanced environment. Cyber attacks and phishing scams are a constant threat to technology and Fiery makes sure to keep your business in good shape. Read more about cybersecurity here.

What Does this Mean for Your Business? 

With all of this in mind, I’m sure you are wondering how anyone can learn how to use their Fiery to its fullest potential. The simple answer is that Visual Edge Technology’s Southwest Region currently has three service technicians that are certified in providing clients and their employees with skills and enhanced professional development that can help your business be more competitive.

  • Lorenzo Dominguez, Fiery Cutsheet Certified Professional
  • Josef Johnson, Fiery Cutsheet Certified Expert
  • Manny Tirado, Fiery Cutsheet Certified Expert

The combined experience of having three service technicians that are proficient in EFI Fiery throughout the Southwest Region can elevate your business to the next level. They are capable of showing your business how to boost productivity, use your equipment to its full potential, reduce downtime by knowing how to trouble shoot, and help you meet important dates and deadlines.