Consistency is Key

You know what they say-- the best products have excellent user experience! Benchmark strives to provide unduplicated service when it comes to connecting with customers and making sure they trust their machines to provide professional and efficient results.


Brandon Porter, a Benchmark sales representative in Wichita Falls, explains how having one consistent brand of machines throughout the office is one of the simplest ways to ensure a great user experience for everyone.

What Are the Benefits of One Brand? 

Xerox provides almost 30 different options for your business to satisfy your specific needs. Although all machines throughout an office will differ depending on the demands and needs of those using it, Xerox provides a baseline interface that comes on every device which includes consistent: 

  • Control Panel
  • Touch Screens
  • Screen Operation 
  • Customization of icons on your screen
  • User Experience 

There is always a learning curve when learning to use a new machine. However, Xerox machines make the learning process a little easier by allowing everyone in the office to handle all devices without relearning or re-training to use each machine.

An Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

A tablet-like touchscreen experience customized to your business needs.

Swipe, tap, scroll, and pinch your way through task-focused apps with ease. The AltaLink® and VersaLink® family of products offers true tablet-like functionality that allows you to configure jobs by scrolling, just like a tablet. The intuitive design is simple to use, resulting in fewer clicks to complete a job and less time spent at the printer.

The user screen is app-driven and task-specific, allowing you to customize it to fit your business preferences by placing the apps used most front and center. And installation “wizards” make setup fast and easy — even for non-technical users — without having to call (and wait for) IT.

Consistent brand and user experience allow for less confusion and more efficiency within the office environment.

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