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Why Bargain Brand Printer Supplies Are a BAD Idea

When it comes to your Xerox printers, how often do you consider buying that generic brand product over the Xerox product because of that dazzling lower price?

Pretty often?

While saving a few extra dollars by purchasing the generic brand printing supplies may seem like the smart choice now, it will not help the longevity of your printer. With toner you truly get what you pay for, and cheap toner can wreak havoc on your machine.

In a test run by the Spenser Lab on bargain toners vs. Xerox toners, the results showed that the bargain brand toners caused damages to the printer. The bargain brand cartridges actually leaked inside the printer, causing the cartridges to deplete much quicker and result in print quality defects.Not only this, but the leaking cartridges also built up on the inner gears of the printer and ground down the gear teeth, which rendered some printers unusable.

In addition to the damages, the bargain toners failed more often and did not yield the amount of prints as advertised for the product. The summary findings of this test were that the Xerox 6360 Color Laser Printer OEM Toner Cartridges were more reliable than any of the tested bargain brand cartridges. So in the long run, the Xerox toner cartridges proved to be the more economical option in saving the longevity of the printer and producing a higher volume of prints. Now, about the paper that you feed into your printer.


Get it? It's a paper jam!

How often do you have to deal with paper jams, low quality content and fuzzy prints? Different from bargain brand paper, which is often the culprit, Xerox paper has been tested and guaranteed for optimal use in your Xerox machines.

To keep up with advancing technology, Xerox continually tests its paper quality. According to Xerox, they “track hundreds of customer complaints about competitors papers, then design tests to ensure the same things don’t happen to their paper.” Not only are the bargain materials dangerous to your office equipment, but ordering manually through large retailers like Staples, Office Depot etc. can be a hassle.

With Benchmark’s managed print service, your supplies will automatically be shipped to you when quantities are low, allowing you to focus on more important matters.

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