Businessman and businesswoman sticking adhesive notes on glass wall in officeWorkflow Automation Isn’t Just For the Big Guys Anymore

Many entry-level production print customers think that print workflow automation is only for the big guys--either because implementation seems too complicated, or because their print volumes are too low.

Recent advancements in this game-changing technology can help even the smallest commercial printers and central reproduction departments (CRDs) streamline operations to save on both production time, and costs.

Why Automation?

Just having a digital press is not enough to remain competitive in today’s printing market. The more you print, the more likely it is that you will need to switch gears to accommodate each job. That means human intervention in the printing process—which typically already has a lot of hands in the pot to begin with.

The problem lies in the fact that every person does something in a slightly different way. Jobs also come into the design department and sit and wait until they can be processed to their unique job specs.

With automation, a lot of the challenges associated with receiving, preparing, and ultimately outputting a print job, can be standardized across a fleet of presses with preset workflows. Automation opportunities are usually found by identifying challenges that involve repetitive tasks, bottlenecks or routine mistakes.

With a scalable software product called Freeflow Core from Xerox, operators can automate the printing process, from prepress to final output. FreeFlow Core solves some of today's biggest challenges: multiple devices, different processes, and software that doesn’t work in harmony.

In addition to that, things like changing paper, preflighting, checking color, and transferring stacks for finishing, all have traditionally required the need for human intervention, and run the risk of human error. In the printing world, errors mean money.

Some of the basic things that automation with Freeflow Core can help with include:

  • Color management
  • Registration and alignment
  • Clearing paper jams
  • Trimming and binding
  • Setting up paper for optimal printing

Put simply, Freeflow Core does the work for you with a drag and drop interface to:

  • Lay files out more efficiently
  • Accelerate printing with saved workflows for common jobs
  • Minimize the confusion and human error
  • Save time and money
  • Streamline processes

Key Features

FreeFlow Core (On-premise)

  • Modular architecture – Base software plus two optional modules (Advanced Prepress and Advanced Automation)
  • Runs on standard web browsers for easy installation and management
  • Manifest job processing
  • Job clustering / batching
  • JDF/JMF – Full JDF/JMF compliance for seamless integration with other systems

FreeFlow Core (Cloud)

  • Two configurations:
    1. Base Cloud: Includes preflight, image enhancement, imposition, and print.
    2. Advanced Cloud: Includes Core base software, advanced prepress module, and advanced automation module.
  • Runs on standard web browsers for easy installation and management

With Xerox Freeflow Core, it's easier than ever to make sure everyone in your shop is on the same page. Whether your organization has 3 or 300 people, FreeFlow Core offers a robust workflow solution for printing professionals looking for a competitive edge. Ready to learn more? Contact us to get started with a free limited trial.


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