After the Sale -- The Importance of Great Copier Service

Buying a new printer, copier, of MFP? Don't forget the most important thing - stellar service to keep you up and running any time something goes wrong.I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret: your printer is going to need service and maintenance.

It might jam. A software or firmware update might break connections to your network. A co-worker could spill coffee on it. Even a printer that performs perfectly will need maintenance to take care of regular wear and tear, like replacing rollers.

Multifunction printers are a combination of intricate software and hundreds to thousands of tiny moving pieces. That translates many opportunities for something to go wrong.

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When your printer needs repair or maintenance, the ability of your copier partner to deliver first-rate service will be the difference between your office returning to full productivity and frustrated users figuring out work arounds for the documents they need to print, scan, and copy while an unqualified service technician fumbles around your equipment.

Think of your copier as a car. You wouldn’t run your car for 10,000 miles without an oil change and expect it to not break down, would you? Who doesn’t live in fear of being ripped off by the mechanic you take it to. Think about how worry-free life is when you go to a mechanic you know you can trust.

Every office needs a copier “mechanic” they can trust.

Quality Service Makes Or Breaks Your Copier

Service technician professionals will receive regular training on the makes and models they service.

This means they’re faster at identifying and solving the problem with your printer. In turn, your office returns to full productivity much faster.

We strive to turn every client into a Benchmark super-fan by going above and beyond when it comes to providing unduplicated service.

Ready to see what a difference excellence copier and printer service will make for your office?

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