collection of  various vintage note papers on white background. each one is shot separatelyWhat Paper is Best to Use in Xerox Printers?

Like your automobile’s recommended fuel type, your Xerox printing equipment has recommended paper types. While you can likely get away with putting cheap gas in your car, the quality and grade of the fuel you use can greatly affect your vehicle’s overall performance.

The same goes for your copying and printing device. Different machines work best with different papers.

In a previous blog we talked a little bit about the potpourri of paper products on the market today. If you missed it, check it out here

In fact, paper selection is so important that Xerox has an entire division dedicated to testing all of the different kinds of paper and specialty media out there. Located in New York, the Xerox Media Technology Center has certified professionals whose sole job is testing how different paper performs on Xerox devices.  

Once a stock meets Xerox’s standards for performance, the media makes it onto an official Xerox media list for each device. You can browse and download the complete guides, including recommended tray settings and guarantees, for each product here:

Or, for a quick look at the AltaLink line, below are just a sampling of the handy one-sheets that are within each of the device’s comprehensive guide:

Xerox® AltaLink® C8030/C8035/C8045/C8055 Color Multifunction Printer

Xerox® AltaLink® B8045/B8055/B8065/B8075/B8090 Multifunction Printer

Xerox® AltaLink® C8070 Multifunction Printer Recommended Media List 

According to Xerox, all Xerox paper and specialty media on these lists are digitally optimized, designed and manufactured for optimal performance in Xerox digital printing equipment. These stocks also carry the Domtar 100% Performance Guarantee that if you are unhappy with the performance of the paper, Domtar will either take back the unused product and replace it or
refund your money – guaranteed.

The point is, not all devices and paper are created equal. If you want the best performance out of your printing investment, be sure to choose your paper supply carefully. As a good rule of thumb, when you place your first paper order for any new equipment, purchase small quantities to ensure that your expectations are met.

So the next time you unwrap a ream of paper for you printer, consider checking the media guide. You’ll thank us in the long run. Need help determining which paper stock is right for you? Contact us today.

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