The Top 4 Business Benefits of Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services has tons of business benefits - read the top 4 MPS benefits our clients love.

You've contracted out work that can be done out of office, invested in fuel-efficient vehicles, switched over to energy efficient light bulbs, and convinced the whole office a compost garden in the back is a good idea. You've done everything in your power to cut costs…or have you? If you have yet to switch to managed print services (MPS), there is more you can still do. 

The average cost to print a single page is $2.47. If you print 3,000 pages a month, that adds up to $74.10 a month. That's just in paper and toner costs. That does not take into account the amount of time your staff spends on printing, or arguing with the printer, or printer maintenance, or any of the other dozens of costs associated with doing your printing in-office. For most business owners, saving money is probably the greatest reason to switch over to MPS — that, and these four other benefits: 

Increase Productivity 

Printers are temperamental machines, and they have a tendency to make even the most level-headed business owner red with rage. When printers go bonkers, office efficiency takes a dive. Workers start navigating to other departments to use their printers or standing in line to use the one remaining working printer. Whatever the case, less work gets done when a printer decides to take a break. When you outsource your printing, scanning, and copying needs to an MPS firm, your team can stop wasting time messing with the machines and spend more time on tasks that actually make money. 

Free Up IT 

IT has bigger and better fish to fry, and the last thing IT wants to be doing—and the last thing YOU want to be paying IT to do—is fix printers. Yet, a substantial amount of your revenue goes toward fixing defunct copiers and scanners. Your MPS can maintain and fix broken machines on your behalf, allowing your IT department to focus on more strategic use of their time (taking care of users, keeping your business secure, planning for your future IT needs, etc.) 

Streamline Your Spending

Companies that use MPS realize a significant ROI in a short amount of time. This is because the best MPS partners recognize common printing habits and take measures to help companies streamline their printing. One thing many MPS agencies do is condense information so there is a need for fewer pages to print. Think about it…How often do you waste a whole piece of paper for just two lines of text? Your MPS partner can condense information so everything you need is printed in as few pages as possible. At $2.47 a page, the savings will quickly add up. 

Extend the Life of Your Devices

Your MPS partner isn't just good for printing — it's good for printer maintenance as well. You spent a lot of money on your printers, copiers, and scanners, so it's essential you care for them and keep them in as good condition as possible for as long as possible. That said, you're not a printer expert and you're tired of paying IT to fiddle with your devices. When you partner with MPS, you not only no longer have to print your own papers, but you don't have to maintain your own machines anymore either. Your partner can help keep your printers in good condition, troubleshoot them when they go awry, and help you retire them in the most cost-effective manner when they eventually cease to work.

If you have yet to invest in managed print services, you haven't done everything possible to cut costs and save money. Ditch the compost garden. Instead, outsource your printing, copying, and scanning needs today to see more savings and increased productivity as soon as tomorrow. 

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