When it's time to bring in the “best” office printers and copiers into your office, you need to start thinking about the “right” printers and copiers.

The best. Number 1. The finest. Perfect. Numero uno. 

Or, for the Tina Turner fans: “You're simply the best, better than all the rest.” 

All of us want the best for ourselves. Many Google searches start with “the best [insert what you're looking for here]”.

The question you often forget to ask when you're looking for the “best” of anything is this: is this the best thing for your needs? 

After all, the best sports car doesn't do you any good if you need to drive your kids (and their friends) to and from multiple sports games and practices. The best car for you then is an SUV or minivan. 

However, if your goal is drive fast and in style, then that Ford Mustang or Porsche might just be the thing for you. 

When it's time to bring in the “best” office printers and copiers into your office, you need to start thinking about the “right” printers and copiers. 

It's easy to find a list of the “best” of anything – copiers and printers included. If you think copiers in Amarillo and Austin are just for copying and printing, you might think that's the best approach. 

It's not. 

As we wrote recently, copiers can be used to transform your office's operations – streamlining and helping to automate them by removing paper from business processes. 

Copiers and printers also come in a wide range of sizes and capabilities. 

Do you have a small office and only print a few pages at a time? There's a copier for that.

Do you need to print, copy, and/or scan hundreds of documents at a time? There are copiers for that need as well. 

What Do You Need?

Let's say you buy the best printer based on a quick search. It's a color printer. 

Fantastic, right? 

What if you don't actually need to print in color? 

You've just wasted an extra couple of hundred dollars (or more depending on the size of the device). Even better, printing color documents is multiple times more expensive than printing a black and white document. Sure, it's only pennies or fractions of a pennies at a time. As Benjamin Franklin would surely say though, those pennies add up over thousands of documents. 

When you take the time to focus on your business needs, the equipment that will help you achieve your business goals is the best. 

Questions to Ask Yourself

If you're like many of our clients, you often haven't thought too much about your copy machine. These questions will help you start thinking about your printer as an asset to your business, and not just the off-white lump of plastic and electronics in the corner that prints paper:

  • Do you really need color? 
  • How many pages do you output (print and copy) monthly?
  • Are there spikes in output – monthly invoice runs, for example – or is it steady?
  • Do you need to scan large volumes of documents frequently? If so, a separate single-function scanner could be a good complement to your office copier.
  • Where will the equipment go? How important is size?
  • Beyond printing and copying, what other productivity software is available via the device? 

Stop looking for the best printer. 

Start looking for the right printer.

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