After the Sale -- The Importance of Great Copier Service

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret: your printer is going to need service and maintenance.

It might jam. A software or firmware update might break connections to your network. A co-worker could spill coffee on it. Even a printer that performs perfectly will need maintenance to take care of regular wear and tear, like replacing rollers.

Multifunction printers are a combination...

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9 Common Sense Document Scanning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Scanning documents isn’t always fun and sometimes it can be a bit tricky, but there are a few little things you can do to make it easier for yourself.

Whether you’ve never once used your printer’s scan functionality or you scan all the time, these tips will make scanning your paper documents a breeze.

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Xerox Hard Drive Security Protects Your Critical Company Data

With the huge number of cybersecurity threats challenging every IT department’s ability to protect networks and information, it can be easy to overlook less obvious threats -- like office printers.

The Better Business Bureau warns “copier machines can be prime targets for identity theft.”

Anything connected to a network can be hacked, including your office copiers and printers.

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Printers and Copiers and Scanners, Oh My! A Quick Primer

In any industry, it’s easy to forget that everyone isn’t as intimately familiar with the ins and outs of what you do as you are.

Let’s call it the “curse of expertise.”

We can be as guilty of it as anyone, assuming you know your options when it comes to looking at supplementing or replacing your existing office equipment.

Today, we’ll explain the differences (in non-technical terms) in...

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Keep Prying Eyes Away From Printed Documents With Secure Print

Before reading further, I’d like you to do something.

Take a quick walk around your office and visit each of your printers and copiers. Look in the output trays for uncollected print jobs. Once you’re done, get another cup of coffee and head on back to your desk.

What did you see?

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Remotely Troubleshooting Copiers -- No Visit Required (Maybe)

When copiers and printers go down, employees get annoyed and productivity drops, especially in paper-intensive offices.

While Texans do enjoy saying “everything is bigger in Texas,” those wide-open spaces and the sheer size of the state can mean that it takes longer for your copier service technician to reach you (and we don’t allow them to speed!). 


The first person to hear about a...

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Find the Information You Need Fast With Document Management

Did you know you don’t have to rely on paper documents for your office?

Research shows it takes -- on average -- 18 minutes to retrieve a paper file.

That’s 18 minutes before you can answer your customer’s question. Or, 18 minutes before you can answer your boss’s question. Ultimately, it’s 18 before you can start doing your job.

If your “filing system” is a hodgepodge of email folders and...

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13 Printer Buying Tips to Prevent an Unlucky Printer Purchase

Getting a new printer for your office can be confusing.

There are multiple manufacturers to choose from (Xerox, HP, Lexmark, Brother, and others).  

When you need a new one, it’s often easiest to do a quick online search, pick a provider, and make a purchase. After all, a copier is a copier, right?

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Offering Unduplicated Service, One Install at a Time

Last week, Benchmark made a special delivery to Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Eighty of Xerox’s award-winning AltaLink and VersaLink products arrived on a 40-foot trailer (pictured right) early morning on September 14th.

The Benchmark team, led by Lead Analyst Josef Johnson, worked alongside the Memorial Medical Center IT staff to ensure a quality delivery and installation...

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8 Tips to Keep Your Copiers and Printers (and Data) Safe From Hackers

Anything connected to a network is a potential security risk -- including your copiers and printers.

We’ve discussed this topic recently, read 11 Things About Copier Security You Didn’t Know About.

Every business needs to worry about security; even small and medium businesses. Cyberattacks on SMBs continue to increase because they usually don’t have the knowledge or expertise to tightly manage...

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